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Real Estate

    We are touching base with everyone to ask if you are alright (we are aok) and if there is anything we can do to help – just let

us know (except for TP, of course).

     Having something to do on line while at home and with interest rates having gotten  very low, we want to alert you to a fairly

new service that KW now provides in 49 states (not licensed in NY yet) – KW Mortgage ( 

     They have a Zero Points program which has no loan cost to either a Purchase Loan OR to a Refinance. In addition, there is a

$1,000 credit at closing for both types of loans to cover other costs such as title search, etc. You can investigate and, if you go further

on the Refi product, just use or name(s) as the referral agent to get this very attractive deal. There is no compensation to us for this product,

we do it in the interest of our clients.

     Good luck, keep on washing those hands and let us know what we can do for you.